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Reviews for "Washing Mach Emulator 1.1"

Pretty Good

I liked the Idea of making that joke into an actual game, that was actually pretty good.


Concept- Good
Graphics- Retro, and still good
Music- Boring
Audio- Classic and still holding its own
Animation- Could be improved apon
Imagery- Not as good
Gameplay- Easy to get hold of and pick up
Overall- Okay if improved apon
Other- It had no real point to it, keeping in mind it is only a beta, i belive the full version would be excellent

not bad

for a beta version it has various mini-games that aren't bad
in my opinion the things you should correct are: the money value (it's really exagerated); the physics in the jumping game (the jump is "weird"); the upgrades (idk what they are doing); and if possible improve the graphics and/or the backgorund
besides that it's a pretty good idea

Hit detection kinda wonky

Overall, a rather enjoyable (if weird) game. My only complaint is that it is next to impossible to figure out how big your hit box is when you're taking the laundry to the machine. Either make it more obvious that it extends out to the tip of the basket, or shorten the dudes arms.


Simple, but funny and original. Keep it up.