Reviews for "Kirby The Musical"

funny stuff

wow that was one of the most origonal sprite movies I've ever seen on newgrounds. I can't wait for a sequal!

You got ripped off.

It was this close to being in the daily top five.
Anyway, I loved this in Sprite - A - day, and now you continued it in a better, continued version. XD nice.

Budj responds:

Glad you liked it! A sequel may be in the works.

oh my god!

great ending!

omg PLEASE make a sequal

10 stars 10 stars!!!!!!!! MWHAHAAHAHHA! i love dis its so funny. but can you make one rated for everyone. my brother is 7 he wants to see it and hes to young to listen to this. can anybody make something like this for me.

Budj responds:

most likely won't be a sequel :<

funny as heck :D