Reviews for "Kirby The Musical"


lol, i liked how waddle dee got owned by meta knight

Let's build a snowman!

Very good, but a little too short. One of the best Kirby parodies i ever seen. I want to see a sequel and... Let's build a snowman!!!!

tht was good and funny!

i loved the part when meta knight shot waddle dee

Budj responds:

Oh my God, you KILLED him D:

Very creative.

This was too good,having a Kirby musical flash was a nice idea but you did a great job on it so it was better than i expected,the lyrics were good and there was a lot of funny moments in this flash as well,overall i enjoyed this very much and i do hope it makes it in the Kirby collection page cause it sure deserves it.

Budj responds:

One can only hope D:.


lol i love it and i found the easter egg muhahahahahha