Reviews for "Pleasure Island 2"

I think it's silly

How people assume there is supposed to be some point to this. It's an amazing and hilarious flash, Hammermagic, if you think this stuff is crap, then why bother watching or commenting it? Hell why bother go on newgrounds at all?

redbloodkilr, if you don't get it, good, you shouldn't. Just find the walrus pit.


ahahahhaha sooo funny and excellent animation man
great job and hope to c alot more from another aussie


I don't know why I bother coming to Newgrounds anymore if this is the kind of crap that gets put up on the front page.

lolz !!!!

ok explain then review first off its just to be randomly funny like many people call demented humor I personally like some of it but then others i do not ok review time good funny odd and random ill call it herpies soup ^_^ " I dont want your pity..." "There there son...there there..." XD best part


Walrus pits are never as good as they sound...

I think i might have crabs.