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Reviews for "electronic hope & despair"

This song has grown on me. It has this long, droning, almost ambivalent quality to it takes some time to appreciate. I've had to add this one to my playlist.

Definitely one of my favorites. Definitely on my playlist. Definitely wanting more of your songs on my playlist as well

LichLord here.

It's a pretty kewl track like usual, constructed quite nicely. Nice and long aswell with the track evolving as it goes along.
What I have noticed is that the Synths you are using don't sound 'crisp' enough if you know what I mean. They sound slightly too blended into the rest of the track. Personally, a little bit of Reverb on the snare would sound nice aswell (depends on what reverb plug-in you have :P).

Going on a listening streak in the Audio portal so i might check out some more of your tracks :)