Reviews for "Dancing Flame"

this drop reminds me of this girl i found on youtube, she's a singer/compser of electronic music she goes by the name Veela give her a listen you might like some of her songs. And again very good job on this drop. Hope to hear more from you real soon eh?

Geoplex responds:

Ah, I've heard a bit of Veela's voice (didn't know she composed, though.)

Thanks for the review! :D

I have Earbuds, listened it agai without. A bit diffrent. Not much...

Geoplex responds:

I think it depends on the quality of your non-earbuds. My headphones were ~$300, so i can hear a fair difference. (That, and my earbuds suck)

How fast, liquid-ish, and awesome.
I love the dnb in this!
This makes it sound wonderful!
137 patterns!? Holy crap, your on my following list!

"The Audiophile".

Geoplex responds:

Yeah I got a bit carried away making this one for memory :P

Thanks for the review! ^.^

Haha, just listened to Jetstream a while ago, still loving the organic instruments. Again, I may have added some deep beats way, way in the back just to accompany things, not to drive them on though. You know, low bass and soft on.

I feel like you could've make things more... less of a song and more of an experience through some more creative panning, like near 1:30 or 2:07 It would be difficult to name which instrument I think would sound best panned, but general rule of thumb in case, use it on select instruments (your choice), use it wisely (as in not everywhere lol) and never pan +/-100%, even +/-80%. +/-75% is a slight push for me.

Apart from that, I very much liked it. Great going.

Geoplex responds:

Thanks. I'm actually not very happy with this one (it may only be a month old, but I've come a fair way since then.) It's mostly the snare I'm unsatisfied with.

OMG i fking love this one !!! sounds like heaven to me ^_^ keep it up and keep eh'm rolling :D

Geoplex responds:

^.^ will do