Reviews for "Apocalypse Lane: Poker"


My friend, you are one of the rare cases that make newgrounds worth going on. I mean it was dragging on at first but then bam, you caught me off guide. Loving the animation too. You should definately make this into a huge series.

Jonnyethco responds:

It already is a series. There are about 7 or 8 episodes online right now. :)

Oh my god...

Lol, I just don't want to know what else they did that night! Hahahaha, nice one!

fucking genius

hilarious this is one of the funniest things on newgronds I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!!


I know everyone knows what I'm lmfao-ing about...

good work.

wow this was great. the gayman was a bit gay for my liking but it did make me laugh for a good minute. pretty nice animation, the cats cigar was a little unrealistic but hay that doesnt matter.
overall i give it an 8.