Reviews for "Apocalypse Lane: Poker"

Its like a combo meal

Top notch stuff, its almost like a combination of The Obblongs, Aqua Team Hungr Force, and Squidbillies together.Great work

Jonnyethco responds:

All shows that I love.


At first when I was watching this I thought it was pretty lame using end of the world/ gehdo jokes. Then when the zombie gay guy started his story I was on the floor laughing and laughing. Oh I am looking more of what this guy made.


reminded me of oblongs too, nice voices


that was TOOOOO funny!!!XD lol. good job!

this reminds me of the Oblongs

otherwise good job.

Jonnyethco responds:

Oblongs was a great show. The offbeat humor appeals to me, as you can tell. :)