Reviews for "Apocalypse Lane: Poker"

You are my favorite!

Everything you have made makes me laugh. I love the style and the humour. AWESOME!!!!!!!

Love this series

Well i am really enjoying the work, haha hope we get to see some of the new and old ones put on here, keep up the good work.


I've read some reviews saying that the beginning wasn't good, but I thought it was funny, especially with Cuddle's cards. (My sister has a cat named Cuddles XD ) Anywho--loved the ending. Censor beeps always make me laugh.

Best for last...

I was going to give this a 5 star, just because of your other work, but the start of it was kinda lame, but it all built to the last bit with the Zombie (not sure male or female works ether way) and I haven't laugh that hard ever. Hope you have more to bring, keep the great work coming.


another awesome cartoon from one of my favorite artists