Reviews for "F-777 - Shaolin Warrior"


I couldn't decide whether or not I loved this at first; and it seems that every time I experience such an ambiguous response, I end up falling in love with whatever I happen to be unsure about. This is no exception.

I love the theme and the lead melody a lot. I feel like the percussion needs to be stronger, but it seems I say that about everything lately. Maybe I've been spoiled by Stan SB.
I like this a lot, though - there aren't any major flaws I can point out, and it just sounds great overall.



I'm going to crazy if one more F-777 song lands in my Favorites Section

you never fail to impress me bro! /)

This is so great. especially those heavy parts in the middle and ends of the song! Love it bro!

It's not that the chinese style needs more attention, it's that F-777 is AWESOME.
(Coming from a chinese person)