Reviews for "This Isn't Science Rocket"

Thanks a bunch mate!
Free stuff is always cooler!!
Good luck on your Smash it 2!!

Hell yes.
I want it.


Cool, awesome. But is this House or Dance? I think it's both.

1:00 is awesome!! Dance mood through the roof there! i like the little plucking melody throughout the whole song. Do not ask me how you have more downloads than plays, man. XD never seen that before!

Heck yeah! This is one of my favorite songs of the album. I think this song alone was pretty much worth the ten bucks. :3

Anyway, like I said, one of my favorite songs here. What I like so much about it is the beat that's so driving and pumping. The first few seconds of this song already bring you in a dancing mood, which actually goes for al your songs but I'm just mentioning it again here,so great job on that. ;)
I also really like the melody. It's not the most original progression I've heard (hell, with the amount of EDM songs today it's hard to be original for everybody) but you gave it a really nice spin. I like the way you made the main section (1:00 - 1:30) sound very bright by keeping the melody and the pads in there, and yet very clubbish by using a synth with some bass in it. That's what I like about your style of producing: you are one of the rare producers I know that can make a song sound melodic and club-like at the same time.

Are there things I dislike? Not much, and they're just details. One thing is the segment where you decide to pitch up your bass synth (for example, around 1:10-1:11 and around 1:25-1:26). I always think these segments are a tad loud, maybe because of the sudden highs.
Another detail is that the song is kinda repetitive. It's still an awesome song, but I think it would've been cool if you build in a bridge or a different kind of break.

Keep on rocking your tunes, man, you're gonna be big, I know it. :)

- LiquidOoze