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Reviews for "You Got The Shit"


laughed out load, no jokes, i loved it..

Cantdoright responds:

Glad to hear this was funny to alot of poeple, I hope you come to see my next one.


The hilarity in this video makes it extremely worth it to watch. Now excuse me while I go take a SHIT.

Cantdoright responds:

My buddies near the stalls want to go in once your done (Don't flush). Glad to see I did not waste your time. Now go, go and share this joke with the world. ;)


Animation is okay, the voice acting is okay, and it's weird humor, to me, anyway.

Cantdoright responds:

yeah it was my first real flash animation so it cant be perfect. As for humor I guess I can't make everyone laugh.

"You got the shit to trade with the shit".

Utterly hilarious. This animation made me laugh from the beginning. I also loved the whole idea of it. But I think the best part of this animation is the ending, when you find out that they're talking about actual shit. Nice job!

The voices were done well, and had good quality, which is great. Although there wasn't much motion with the characters; you did an excellent job on the movement of the character's mouths, they were perfect.

Really the only thing you should through in next time is a little more movement. But above all you did a wonderful job, and can't wait till your next one!

Cantdoright responds:

Thanks man. I do wish I added hand gestures, but time is of the essence and I wanted to finally finish this. I am glad you liked it. It is true what they say when make a comedy animation. At the end you forget if it is funny or not. Glad that you showed me it is.


Pretty nice, i dont see why the score is so low, i've seen 4s that're worse then this.

Cantdoright responds:

If i had a team of 5 spamming bots it would be higher, but gladly I do not. Also I guess becuase it was never a green (3.0) and no looks at things that are not green. I am glad you liked it.