Reviews for "Metal Gill Jawesome"

Stupid people >_>

This is a flash by a dude called JONAS!! - Egoraptor helped with the voices.

So people, can you just learn to read? Instead of insulting Egoraptor or even saying shit like "As expected of egoraptor, i love all your flashes, the graphics are just amazing, and original, which makes them kickass, the random is cool too, i love how you make spoof of video games, keep up the good work, a big fat 10/10"
When HEEEEEEEEE didn't make it.

Anyway, Gratz Jonas. And awesome as ever Egoraptor on the VOICES.


genius voice acting.


Dude! I never thought it was possible to see Metal Gear in a new way... then I saw this you are legend!!!


it is very jawsome


this is so funny awsome as need more meteal gill