Reviews for "Metal Gill Jawesome"


This is the s**t! Dude you have to make a second one, please for the love of god make a second one!

Besides that, good animation, good rewrite, and some nice quick read screens lol. I do feel guilty I had to record and pause to read them, but hey it works lol. Nice job man keep it up!

dude this is better then mga

metal gear awsome never will compare to this this is epic shis id give it a over 9000 out of 10
fucking epic voice u have XD i cant belive im saying this stuff in my reviews to egoraptor i think have a crush on him ./////. fuck NO ONE READ ANYTHING OF THIS >:C


Hey man "5 tides later" was genius i couldnt stop laugin, i was mortly crackin up on "this claw is the best claw" but fuck it the whole dam video was really entertaining. thanx alot

I watched this while eating a tuna sandwich.

I rated 10 just for "This claw, is the best claw ever!"


just as funny as the regular metal gear awesome, cept this one is possibly funnier, so i guess ill have to watch it about 7 more times