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Reviews for "The Space Game: Missions"

Very strong defense game

Very well done. The variety of offensive and defensive units you can build is just right for this kind of game. It is challenging yet not too hard to be frustrating. This balance is not easy to get, so kudos on that. Usually, after getting my ass kicked by the A.I., I can figure out what to do to avoid the same fate on the next try. If I fail again, at least I know what I did wrong and I can tune my strategy.

Good job on making stages that require different strategies. I especially love the ship escort missions. The sound is great, as the visuals.


basically an expansion set to the first game.

i still wanna see this for the itouch!


Excellent game !!!


this is so FUN

Really great with only a few weaknesses

I love this game. I played it a year or so ago and loved it, and I love it still. It is very unique among defense games. I'm a fan of RTS games, so the collecting resources aspect of this game really appeals to me. It is also aesthetically pleasing, and has a satisfying game-play quality. Unlike other reviewers, I see no problem with the number of enemies.

That being said, I do have a few suggestions. Often times, the enemies do come very quickly, and in very large number. I don't know if I am just bad at the game, but it might do to have slightly more time in between waves, for preparation.
Also, why can't there be a survival mode? Too often I have been finally gaining some power in a level, and suddenly it ends. A survival mode would test the players skills over increasingly difficult waves of enemies; it would be challenging and fun. Plus, you could build a massive force, which would be

Great work. It is an enjoyable game and very creative.