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Reviews for "The Space Game: Missions"


You should add some fighters and capital ships that you can make for yourself. It would be like icing on a cake that has such good icing all ready.

S.U.M.A. game!

Super Ultra Mega Awsome game! I love this and the first one, however I do agree with the person below, you should definitely make some similair games, but with different settings, such as an underground mine or the dark ages, or something. that would kick butt! any way , I wish they would make an 11/10 spot and a 6/5 spot, just for this game...


there should be more games like this maby with different thems like a medivel setting or underground setting


this is fun to play but kind of hard at times but above all good game 9/10

Nice game

It's a nice defense game, but on some missions I don't know what were you thinking, how were we supposed to complete it, like when the enemies are coming nonstop at us.