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Reviews for "The Space Game: Missions"

the game

the game is really cool thx

i love such games

NICELY done!!!

I played the original Space Game and enjoyed the heck out of it on slow days at work.

This is a nice enhancement to it!

The new mission types added a nice bit of variety and the difficulty settings covered a pretty broad range from casual playing to hardcore "How the HECK do I do this?"

Contrary to what some people might say about being too hard or impossible from wave after wave being thrown at you, I played through the entire thing on Crazy and definitely had my work out out for me on some levels...but it's doable and often requires just a bit of out-of-the-box thinking (I realize that still seems limiting given how few options there are to play with in this game, but the simplicity is the charm...and there are still non-standard ideas to try).

Music and sound are fitting for the mood, graphics are pleasant..

Fun for a few minutes, or a few days.

100 A++.

im sorry

for my bad reveiw on the covenant game. for those bad things i said i am going to be nicer from now on. please dont delete my account.

a sweet game. loved it.


and killen em

Will keep me coming back

This game has a lot going for it--inventive, fun upgrades system, nice difficulty curve. I'll be playing it for quite a while.

I think a few new building types/upgrades might make this even more fun--for example, some limited shielding, or maybe the ability to construct automated drones or fighters. I might also suggest having the enemy NOT ignore your emplacements on the highest difficulty levels when you're doing a protect mission...this would make it more realistic and a lot more challenging.