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Reviews for "The Space Game: Missions"

love it

A great game and I would love to see it's next instalment :)

This game is awesome

everything is very good:
-the story
-the missions
-the boss at the end
The stuff that we can buld and the enemys are the same, but they are cool


i played this a while ago and loved it, but now i want to play it again but it doesnt work anymore. can you fix it plz?

Very Good

This one is better then the last one. It has a real story, there are different kinds of missions for you to do, and a really BIG boss in the end. Totally awesome.
One thing I don't like though is there aren't any new weapons or enemies. Yes, yes, there's the EMP, but we couldn't buy it. And yes, yes, the supership but we don't have that except in the last levels.
To sum up---great game, great plot, but not enough blowing stuff around.
Would have given it a 8.5/10 but can't, so give it 9/10.

great job

love it