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Reviews for "The Space Game: Missions"

Very nice

This was a very nice addition to the previous game. It would have been nice to see such things as laser linkage though, as well as some more features. Perhaps a warp defense survival mode?

This is an excellent time waster that you can play for hours and hours. Some more suggestions for the future would be a large asteroid with unlimited resources, limited by the amount of miners you can place around it (useful for missiles), it would be fun in a survival mode game because missiles are useless in those.

All in all this is an excellent submission but some more innovation would be nice. Customizable AI for instance, why would anybody set THELs to fire on small fighters when there are pulsers to do it instead (and conserve energy) and some new structures like a carrier (which might even be able to move) that would send out fighters in a way similar to how the repair bay works.

I have a bunch of ideas and you can consult me if you're really interested through PM :D

I hope this helps and I look forward to a Space Game II.


Great fun! and its addicting!

good but hard

increadibly well done but too hard for me even on easy.


i loved it 100/10 and 500/5

all rite

the games all rite