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Reviews for "The Space Game: Missions"

very well made game

its unconventional, even slightly strange, but fun by any standard.
btw for anyone haveing tuble wihtt he game, blocking cookies can stuff it up.

Wonderful game!

having a variety of mission types and difficulties is a great idea! The simple interface is helpful as you an focus on the mision and not have to remember any advanced controls.

It needs to be said however, that the THEL weapon needs the ability to target a specific enemy or enemies (name or threat level) because when a large group of smaller enemies is attacking your base and you are faced with 3 or more motherships, you tend to be defeted because they are not fired on.

Nice music and good simple graphics. Shop.upgrade system is well designed.
Keep up the great work!

Broken. Anyone help?

I remember how great this game is. WHAT HAPPENED?

My two cents

One thing you need to do is somehow put in a manual targeting system of some kind. It's kind of annoying as hell when you have five motherships incoming and your THELs are shooting at fighters or better yet swarm ships and the motherships are happily sitting there, plugging away at your bases or your objective. It's a good game but the targeting thing just makes it really fucking frustrating sometimes...like right now. Anyway, still, good game and well put together.


I loved the first one, but I like the new one even more. The defending missions might be hard for someone so I took a picture of a station structure that really helped me, only one time during the first defensive mission I lost all power, but that was my first go at it with this method so it can probably be used on the higher difficulties with a little refining. It is a two pronged system with 7 completely upgraded energy stations with 6 fully upgraded pulsar turrets near the gate and 6 THEL turrets spread out on the right side of the screen. The only annoying thing is the way the THELs waste energy on fighters, but I'm sure it is possible to just move the level 2 energy station I have out side of the structure and plant some proximity pulsar's to take out the smaller enemies.