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Reviews for "The Space Game: Missions"

this is a really good game. it's simple, fun, and colorful. the 3d is a nice touch too. very fitting of a sci-fi theme. however, i do have to warn everyone who is reading this before they play; don't expect any breathing time! the enemies in this game come in HUGE numbers, and they are ruthless. you don't have any time to sit back and think. instead, you have to think while you act. this game is not for those who prefer a slow pace!
all in all, i give this game a good 4.5 out of 5.

I love this game... it reminds me of the old casual collective(the website)

Really great with only a few weaknesses

I love this game. I played it a year or so ago and loved it, and I love it still. It is very unique among defense games. I'm a fan of RTS games, so the collecting resources aspect of this game really appeals to me. It is also aesthetically pleasing, and has a satisfying game-play quality. Unlike other reviewers, I see no problem with the number of enemies.

That being said, I do have a few suggestions. Often times, the enemies do come very quickly, and in very large number. I don't know if I am just bad at the game, but it might do to have slightly more time in between waves, for preparation.
Also, why can't there be a survival mode? Too often I have been finally gaining some power in a level, and suddenly it ends. A survival mode would test the players skills over increasingly difficult waves of enemies; it would be challenging and fun. Plus, you could build a massive force, which would be

Great work. It is an enjoyable game and very creative.

Too fast paced for me

Naturally I love defense games and this one provides a very nice twist, only problem is there is hardly any breaks in between battles to allow your energy to recover, the action takes place too quickly and you rarely have enough time to get defenses ready, did I mention energy is always in short supply because you can never get any breaks from battle?

Also the game slows day way too much because so many ships are spammed, why don't you INCREASE the enemy ships power and reduce the number of them, spam is annoying, you often find yourself overwhelmed and trying to manage resources and constant batter of enemy in ridiculous masses just frustrates me. Once you run out of energy, you're pretty much screwed, even if you build several solar stations and energy towers, again, once you reach your limit your game is over.

Increase energy production, or decrease energy usage.
Increase strength of enemy ships/lower the spam of their masses.
Targeting system priority for weapons. Such as Thel
Give us the ability to move our weapons or miners, I hate having to constantly try and reposition stuff, as long as there is a line of energy string it can move upon, I say let it, and give miners the ability to auto-search for new minerals, so you don't get resource starved in the middle of trying to defend and all the micro gets placed on defense, rather than resources.


alien campaign

the game is awesome.
u could add an alien campaign were u get to command ur units.
would be kool:P