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Reviews for "The Space Game: Missions"

Played it on casual collective

Oh man great game... only bad thing is that it kept me up till 2:40 am.... and also, at least for the normal mode there isnt an ending once i've completed everything... felt kind of ripped but its a great game. I thought I would have had no chance on the last level, when I saw not two... but three... I luckily had enough money saved to take it down.

I guess 10/10 for a gameplay, and it needs more character development and cutscenes.

pretty good but...

my only problem is it's still pretty hard on easy mode and the missions where you need to defend the moving ship are next to impossible because near the end waves of something like 10-15 motherships will jump in and waste everything if you could make it so it's like 3 or 4 it'd really make this game a lot better

Best of Year I Think

This Game ROX !!!

Fun Game

dont know what else to say


A very very very very very good game, in fact its my favourite!