Reviews for "Vete a la Versh 8"


It's kinda funny =]
Even though MJ didn't rape anyone xP
But, I get the joke and this was pretty damn good!
Animation and artwork are excellent!

Darkar responds:

Who talks about Michael Jackson? Not me. :P

Damn... did I say Michael Jackson?

No Loader?!?!

Lost points on not having a loader, that's day one stuff. But the animation was nice, funny little skit. Also was first time I actually watched from start to finish a flash movie dubbed in english.

Keep up the work!

Darkar responds:

You should open your eyes a little bit wider as the flash does have a preloader.

Muy bueno!

Jajajaja, no mames esta poca madre, gran actuacion de las voces, es humor medio pendejon pero esta chingon (no estoy diciendo que el humor pendejo sea malo), felicidades carnal!

Darkar responds:

Je je gracias. :)

haha good stuff

poor kid, its new to me to see spanish speaking flashes and this one was really well done was the perfect lenght for me

Darkar responds:

Thank you very much man! :)

^ _ ^ Magnífico

Esto es muy divertido de flash!
El pobre chico, sin embargo, caer las manos de Michael Jackson. xD
Increíble trabajo a pesar de Darkar! ^-^

Darkar responds:

Muchas gracias! :)