Reviews for "Fishdom H2O"

10/10 amazing!

how long did it take you to animate and code the game? did you make it yourself? amazing!


It's good, but it's too "small".

Kind of concerned by the review below

about the whole trial thing but we'll see how far i get I'm still playing at time of writing.

- Needs a zoom function on search dives
- Needs less 'wrong but should be right" items (as others have mentioned)

I would have rated it higher...

...if you had said anywhere up front that it was just a trial.

Plus some things in the dives looked an awful lot like what the user should be searching for (urns versus vases), but weren't, for no good reason.

Apparently hidden object games get everywhere.

Another hidden object game. Just what the world needs. I can appreciat the cohesive theme of the game and the nice way the object hunting is tied into a pointless levelling/aesthetics mechanic, but these hidden object games are dime a dozen if you know where to look for them. The flash jpg compression and size of the images makes it hard to spot things in the image. Also please warn the player that the trial will time out before they achieve anything of consequence :)