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Reviews for "RAGEK"


once again an awesome flash as always. although you left out a background on this one i can tell you are improving, witch is crazy because you seem to already be very good at FBF. Nice work including so many characters too!

Hulalaoo responds:

just the idea is only make a FBF work for improve my work in poses :D

Way to make my day!

Great job with the animation! Loved the cat and bunny part where the cat dies and the bunny gets kicked from "There she is"... I am glad you didn't Kill everyone, only the weird ones like "Salad fingures" and "blockhead" even though they were just saying hi, pico wasn't killed, just kicked, I loved it.


Hulalaoo responds:

30 hours in a week :D

Very cool!

The animation is REALLY good. I saw the style and thought it would be OK but the animation really made it worth while. Keep it up. ^^

Hulalaoo responds:

Thanks :D


so awesome ... speechless


Just.... Wow!! He kicked everybody's ass, lmao. Take that, "There She is". xD I was like, "What the hell?" when I saw them. He even killed Goku! Kakashi put up a decent fight. :P Say, what was that bunny/cat thing that came from the air and punched him a thousand times?

Hulalaoo responds:

bunny killer, a famous bunny, of a accion serie