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Reviews for "RAGEK"

not too bad

just please try to make your characters less of a vanity strength it kinda kills it. No character even in NARUTO is that stupidly overpowered.

You're a monster!

I liked it when you killed the squirrel.

Hulalaoo responds:

faamy suck how MJ


Lots of action, good frames, loads of color and everything blended well together.

I just cant get past this one detail.

it a cat, in a turtle neck.
Kids these days need to stop watching that anime bullpoo.


ragekitty does not beat kakashi!!!

IDK what to say...

It looks like it took effort to make and the fps was great. But the idea... It wasnt for me. Good work though.

Hulalaoo responds:

the idea is only improve my tch in f x f :D