Reviews for "Vehicle Tower Defense"

nice game

its a nice game with some half decent graphics, a few things though, when you lose a life the counter flashes red, maybe slow it down a bit. also when the wave finishes the enemy info doesn't change until you click 'send em' maybe tweak this so it changes as soon as the wave is over so you know whats coming next. also the game could use more towers like poison which drains there health for a limited time or a tower which freezes the enemy, just things to spice it up a bit. apart from this a rather addictive and challenging game.

Good Job

First Game... Good Job. I love tower defence games. Since its your first game I am not rating to low but i have a couple points of advise that should make your games even better.

1.) Add a menu screen. And have a Level Select. So that way your players are noit stuck playing on only that level. They get a choice.

2.) Have a menu button to go back to the menu just in case they want to go back.

3.) If you have the money hire an artist and get the game sponsered if possible. I know its hard to draw on the computer but the better the graphics the better the gameplay. If it is sponsered it will make you money to.

4.) Personally, I like the tower defence games where you dont get to chose when the wave comes. It should automatically come after a certain period of time along with the option to make it come right away if you want.

5.) Keep making games. Especially if you get them sponsered. Good way to make money. And release your creative side

Good Luck

It's fun but REALLY unoriganal.

Though I enjoy defense games, you really need to make something unique about each one, and this one just dosen't have anything that makes It stand out. I did get enjoyment from it though.

Mission Complete.

You were successful in creating a fun addicting challenging strategy game. I had fun playing it but I lost all of my lives :< I like how you put different music behind different types of enemies, plus i like the little ninja turtle in the sewer hole :P O yes a problem i found, when you hit restart you don't restart from the beginning, you only restart with 50$ but your still at the same level, just now i looked at the game screen after restarting and it says i have 50$ and 20 lives and such, but the next enemy has HP over 300 D: which will be hard to beat with only one blue tower D: