Reviews for "Vehicle Tower Defense"


needs work... the graphics could use a little bit of work, also the prices of the towers and upgrades dont even out with the amount u get from the vehicles, the towers need more starting power (or cheaper upgrades...), and also more towers, sound effects and a send timer option would be nice
oh yea and when a tower is highited i keep thinking its being under attack or something lol

Very nice

I love the way every vehicle had it's own music and there wasn't a timer for the next wave. It is a little hard, but overall, very good. 9/10 and 5/5

What i like....

I like this alot especially one without a timer that way you have something to think about before the next wave is done. Exceptional job well done.

Still needs work

It's not bad, but it still needs some work. You really need to add more towers so that the prices aren't so far apart. You could just make it easier so that people can get the money, but it would be better to add more towers.


In a strange way I thought this game is awsome and you have improved on it great job man the music is fun and the graphics were neat I give a 5 and also a 10