Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

Awesome game !!!

That game is awesome !!!!! Make more just like this one =D

Loved it!

It's so fun an addictive! And rather cute too how the foxes carry the lumber....funny little dudes lol Lap dance was histarical XD This flash is simpally amazing how in the end it still gives you a want to play. (and most flashes arent like that) 5/10 favorited. Good work =)

Fun, but I don't know how to progress....

It takes much too long for resources


I've literally been here playing this game for 3 hours. It's that addicting! Great game here, can't wait for the updates. The Pirate girl's dance was funny. The only suggestion I have is the choice to marry the pirate.


I started playing this game thinking it was boring but I noticed i had played for 3 hours it's actually quite cool

Heres My Game:
http://bunnibunni.com/view.php?user_i d=1377687