Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"


beautiful graphics, funny, long-lasting, never boring, challenging and makes you want to play for ages, I couldnt stop till i completed it! Bravo!


I played this for so long. Wow.

awesome game!

its like animal crossing except that your a bunni! and there are no weeds to pick!

Beat it to Hell

I got so addicted i forgot to pack for my holiday :))

loved it

i played this game from start to finish in one sitting and have to say i loved it. the only thing i would suggest changing is the inventory. it was sorta hard to use an item when i had a string of waaay too many behind me. also it was sort of hard to sell them to the pirate when i didnt want them or need them. so an inventory screen would make this game alot more user friendly. either way freaking great job!!!! i loved it and cant wait for you to add extra missions and stuff