Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

There's just a blank screen? I remember there being a game! I really wanna play this again! Please fix it! It just goes to a blank, green screen. For me, it will only load half way, then that blank screen will show up. Take your time though! I can't imagine having to even MAKE a game! ^^;

I loved this game growing up, too bad the server is gone. Hopefully this game will be up and running again soon.

Although I've never managed to win this game, I enjoyed playing it many times over the years. I hope you'll be able to fully move it to newgrounds, or a new website, so it can be played again.

Will you PLEASE make it so this game runs on its own and not on a defunct server? I loved this game when I was a kid, but I never had the chance to beat it. Even revisiting it years later I never made it far. Now I want to try to finally beat it and it's gone... I never even played on other maps or used the website, so even if that's not a feature, I'm sure that plenty of people will be happy to see it back up.

Bunnies are so cute! Perfect game!