Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

Oh, bummer. This game was amazing, I played it over and over again on pretty much every site I could find it on. Now I randomly found it here and it breaks my heart to see it stopped working.

This was a great game when it was up. I used to love playing it.
Sadly, the game has been down for a long time now. It's been more than two years since it stopped working, on pretty much every website I could find it on. Turns out that the official website for the game is gone, too. Don't know what happened, seems like there aren't many people who do. I do know that the creator hasn't been active anywhere since 2013, so it's unlikely at this point that Bunni: How We First Met is going to be fixed, or that Bunni: At World's End will ever come out. It really is a shame, How We First Met was great, and At World's End looked promising.

I loved this game when I played it a few years ago, but what's going on? I can't launch the game? IDK what is up.

I was thinking for quite some time now that the game wasn't working because it got overloaded with people making new accounts to start it over with it--I had like 5 that I made cuz this game was so fun to play over and over again. But I guess it wasn't because of the overloading...? Hopefully the second one will come out soon. And very, very SOON.

why is the game not working? Still?