Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

Luckily, this game is active again thanks to the people at @Replyall, they made a whole podcast about it here https://gimletmedia.com/episode/episode105-how-we-first-met/
You can play the game here http://replyall.limo/bunni

I was recently scrolling through newgrounds and I thought of this game. I had remembered playing this a couple years ago, but one day I tried playing it and it just showed up as this blank screen... So when I saw that it was still this way, it brought a tear to my eye. This was a game that truly may have been my favorite... What a shame, what a shame...

I really loved this game, word to advise to the owner.
You should release it on a website, for an single player game.
That way, the servers would not exist and overload.
Would love to beat the game, I have not beaten it yet.
Either that or release it on steam, I believe they keep the server online.

I really liked this game, and I want to play it again :(

The game, I repeat, the game is not being supported by a server anymore. This is probably because the server was loaded with so many accounts ( over the 4 -5 years it worked, many people kept making accounts to play the game over and over again {because it was so great}) or the owner was swamped in this game called "life" or "reality, " that he didn't have any time to program the server, compose his new games, etc.

I admit, this was one of the greatest games in the years before, but now as I see that it has shut down, I fill with sadness that I haven't found all the endings. After I checked on this after 4 years later, I still remember it had a easy moving story line with twists and turns, having an easy collect and conquer playing style, and cute art styles of the characters.

Many fans of this game still fill with great remorse after seeing this game not available, so please
understand that this is a tombstone of one of the greatest games I've (and many others) have played.