Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

I love it!

This game rules but I wanna get more gems faster...... *Nudge Nudge*

One problem

This is a great and addictive game and I'm glad to here that ya'll will be updating as time goes on.

I found one bug or something in the game though.
It seems that is you find a fox before the Ghost appears that wants one as a friend, you cannot recieve the Heart for the Fox Importer quest. You can get it from a fruit tree if you are lucky.

So I've had to restart now because it was impossible for me to 100%.

But beyond that I liked the game enough to score 5/5, 10/10, and favorite it.

Kepp it up and I look forward to those updates.

Also, will there be a place for you to possibly make Pirate Bunnies without getting them from fruit trees as an update?


Its like simcity! Only with bunnies, and its better! Is the island with the burned down church the last one? Anyways, amazing game! Worthy of The all-time highscoring list!
(and maybe a daily 1st thrown in their too) 5/5

Now what?

I've married the blonde bunni, danced with the pirate bunni, I've got every bit of love and I've got coins wood and gems coming at me at every direction. sooo now what.

All in all its still a pretty good game until you reach this part.

i like the dancing bunny(pirate)

boy she is HOT