Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

this game is awesome

OMG! peach the pirate is a................ its like omg she should be a pole dancer!


awsome game... but some parts i didn't like about it ...<(._.)>

great game, but...

can you make a mine where you can get gems?(or whatever they are, crystals) I don't like having to plant my trees all over and go around just to shake them and get wood and gold

fun but.

Every time i save the game and refresh the page.
the tira gets more expensive its making me very angry.
I mean ARGH i save up all this moneh and its like 69532 now and 23689 coin thingers. something like that >.<

Amazingly fun!

if i could i would bring this rating to INFINITY! the game is great it's got some laughs to it and it's FUN!!!!!