Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

I am rating 5 stars even if it isn't completed!The problem is that you can't save!I restarted my game 2 times and had to start all over again 2 times!Overall great game also thanks for putting it here i was searching years for this game and i found it!Thank you and i hope that you will fix that glitch!

Finally. Been googling this game for the past couple years or something. Really glad I found it again.

The only problem is that I get every single heart except for the one where I save. At that point, I can't do anything because the save is broken. If there is anything to witness after 100% hearts, I'll forever never what I have forgotten so long ago.

This game is the best but the save option never works for me :(

I loved this game as a kid and I am so happy to see that it's back up and running. My only problem is that I cant seem to save my game.

I remember playing this with my best friend, we were ten when the game released... I was devastated when I saw that the game was no longer working last year, but today I decided to randomly check it out one last time... And here it was... Working.
I am more than ecstatic because this brings back SO many memories.

I just hope it remains up this time, so other people can remember how beautiful and peaceful of a game this is without having to just remain off of memories.