Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

It seems like that the save feature is bugged. Once you try to save, you can't leave it. Otherwise than that, it is a sweet game for an afternoon. I would give it a higher score, but with the bugged svae feature, this is impossible. Maybe once it get fixed... if people still work at it.

Still, a sweet game =)

Love this game so much. An old classic. I don't know what changed between now and last year, but the game is actually functioning again. I'm so happy; I thought it was lost with the removal of older Flash versions from browsers.It's an awesome game, but it's not perfect. The save function seems to be finicky, not allowing me to type anything to create an account or cancel out of the textbox. I'm unsure if it actually saves anything anymore, though the game isn't so long that it's a big deal. Also, just a minor nitpick: the notifications of the last rock/tree/food being used/collected is a little inaccurate sometimes, since it works off of individual sets placed instead of how many groups the workers have access to. I frequently get "the last rock has been mined, too many workers" notifications and check only to see that they removed just a single patch instead of the whole area they can access.

I listened to a podcast - Reply All Episode #105 At Worlds End

Where they went into the history of this game and how it disappeared and was lost forever.

Yet a simple google search leads me here..submitted in 2009.

I'm so confused.

Loved the game in 2009 and am so happy that I found it here.

I'll even gladly purchase it just to be able to re-play and save my islands...

A great classic

You have a great game here it's a classic I do like the style and it's fun seems unlikely finished but it's still a good game and I had some fun with it I think it could have used more effects but that's just me

Some extra effects etc