Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

Super exciting to see my childhood come back to life. Really hoping that this game gets a big update in the future, possibly a re-release or a sequel on another platform like Unity or something. All it needs now is a good and reliable community and some dollar and a few bug fixes and this game will be back to new in no time! This game was the absolute foundation of my childhood and I can't wait to see it thrive in the future!!!

Glad this game is back, it's a gem. Please fix the saving though, and then it will be perfect :^)

Yoooooo great game, great visiting it after all these years! Popped into my head at random so I thought I'd try find it again and almost 9 years later BAM! Still here bby. Only reasons it didnt get 5 stars are a) Can't save! I have all the achievments but the saving one, and b) more content. I finished it, including the secret peach dance, and now im sitting around wondering what to do. Also there is a minor bug with the video clips played where they minimise for some reason and don't fill the screen. Other than that fantastic, and a nostalgia trip through and through :)

please fix the save feature!!!!!
i loved this game so much since i was 6 years old, i played it most of the time at home and i wish the save feature
Thank you <3

Please please pleaseeeee fix the save feature!!!! I almost completed the game and I tried to save to get the heart and I can't play now! I love this game otherwise but this NEEDS to be fixed!!!