Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

My childhood is back!

I absolutely love the game. I used to play this as a young kid, and it is so much fun still. I have the same issue with the save button. Good job on the game Luna! <3

Hi LunaDrift. I absolutely love this game, it reminds me so much of my childhood! Anyways, I have been coming across this issue in the game where every time I click the save button to save, the game kinda freezes. The save menu where I'm supposed to write my username and password to save doesn't close even if I click cancel, and I can't actually type anything in the boxes either. So essentially, I can't save, which is a bummer. I don;t know if if this is an issue on my end with my computer, the website, or the game. Idk, just thought i'd let you know about this. Again ,great work, for making this game, it's amazing!

I love this game, it brings back memories from my childhood! But whenever I try to save it glitches out and makes me start over.

It's been absolute years since I've played this game!
I do hope it is still in development or is coming out fully.