Reviews for "Bunni: How we first met"

Save button dosen't work

Save button doesn't work which means you can't complete 100% of the challenges as one of them is save and come back again the next day but I played this when I was really little and only found it again yesterday. Even though it's not that explicit, I'm glad little me never reached the lap dance!

Wow, they fixed the game.

Very cute game.

I super adore this game, I played it 10 years ago when it first got popular and I've been super attached to it since.. the save button doesn't seem to work so I decided I'd try and beat the game in one go, I found that the lapdance and the wedding ceremony are broken too!!!! I wanted a lapdance from pirate peach so I'm super bummed out... other than that though, it's still an amazing and beautiful game and 9/10 of the aspects are still functional. just sad I can't marry OR cheat on coriander.. smh.. bunnibunni.com/forums is down too which super sucks!!! I wonder if I can contact luna regarding this..