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Reviews for "Poppaball"

gets boring fast

fun at first to get combos of the same color balloon, but gets boring realy fast

ANOTHER click to pop game! Really?

I'm only giving a five on this because of how the game looks and plays. The visuals are nice but the clicking I think has some bugs. Sometimes I can click on a balloon and it won't pop. The overall challenge is good. However, this type of game is getting OLD. I don't know how many times I've seen these kind of games popping all over the place. Plus, it gets boring too damn fast.

Good game, overly used premise.


idk bout this game its fun for the first time you play it then its like mmm you could do better but fun for the younger age groups on this website....which are probly watching hentai right now.....

Did I really play the game...

or was that the game you play while it loads... come on man, levels power-ups music... a reason to keep playing, add them to this game so it might be fun.

other then that it was nicely programed but it's a very shallow game...

(title in work)

Meh, another balloon popping game, and absolutely nothing special in this one. Really no interface or goals in this one, just mindless pop after mindless pop. The premise is old. It's been done before.