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Reviews for "[KK] Pikachu's Beach Advt"


Although the graphics weren't adequate, the gameplay was simply brilliant and the animation was exciting and speedy. The music was also speedy, which matched the animation, which allowed for true brilliance and a 10/10.

ChemicalVengence responds:

You're too kind! The music was rather on par with the animations I believe, and thank you for the critique of the graphics. A few game sites have requested that I turn this into a small series, and hopefully with a little monetary motivation, I can produce a bit higher quality graphics. Thanks for the review!

Out there

some where in the stars is a world field with creatures that can shoot lighting out of their checks and there is a man with a vision that one day they too shall have amazing beach parties.

ChemicalVengence responds:

And oh the beach parties they shall have...


i don't know why but it's fun to make him dance to the music althought some more dance moves would be nice like BREAK IT DOWN PIKACHU!!!


AWSOME i was expecting it to be better

ChemicalVengence responds:

Maybe I'll make another that is better. Just for you.

Simply amazing!!!

The sights and the sounds on this game rival William and Sly AND Journeys of Reemus: Ch 3. I say this because your main character is so original. I could only give you a nine though because you didn't have Sonic in this.

ChemicalVengence responds:

Well, I understand that there was a severe lack of Sonic in this movie. In fact, Mario's part after level 3 was also cut do to issues with compression. However, as I've said, I do plan to continue this series, and will undoubtedly add more of your favorite characters soon! And William and Sly was a major influence on my style in this one. I'm glad you found it to be on par with such a wonderful Flash, maybe this will be on the Front Page too!