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Reviews for "Pico: Hero Havoc"


i really like it. the craziness is great!

Its a good game

Its a nice game, well done and fun, the random is at least funny, but somethings like balance is missing.
When you are fully carged you can kill everything without problem, now if you are fully carged, use 2 nukes and the game is over, because its so many enemies without know where the bullets or dogs is coming from that you will die and lose all the carged stuff and constantly die, and because of the slow respaw you can't even catch the powerups that the die-nuke have made.
The background keep making me want to stop the game, i know its part of the joke but this advice applies if you want to make one serious and that make people play for more time. Try different weapons and try to put that balance i've refer.
I giving you: 3/5 | 7/10

Hope this review helped.


sorry, but this was just awful. everything was just all over the place, and it's too dificult to make it far, even on easy. They just take too long to die, and then they leave a bunch of unknown stuff on the screen that is just there to get in the way. Not to mention the nuke kills you as well. Also, aren't you a little late for pico day, by about 3 months? Apparently, you are. Fair enough. Sorry, this just doesn't do it for me.

JoSilver responds:

lol moron! when you die you nuke automaticly... those useless things are batteries which power you up when you get enough... didn't you read the instructions!


I can see why you warned epiliptics...
3 questions:
1) Why is Pico in a flying trash can?
2) Why is everyone flying, for that matter?
3) Why the fuck do the cops throw dogs at him??!

JoSilver responds:

you ask questions... I meant not to answer.


It must took u long to create...But this is Too Random and Bad Quality-ed and rly lame....

3/10 For the music...

JoSilver responds:

not even a plus for effort huh...