Reviews for "Bullet Chaos"


good game and well made but gets kind of ridiculous after level 13 extremely hard to beat =(

*sigh* where do I start...

I guess I'll start with the menu, more specifically the "play" and "how to play" buttons... Why in hell do they take you to the same screen?! What is the point? Oh, and why would I want to download this game? The game is much to short to be worth it.

Now on to the graphics. The enemies are way to generic, and you overuse the blur effect. While I'm on the subject, I just have to ask, why do some of the enemies look like sperm, and why does your thing look like an egg?

Oh my god that music is awful! I highly doubt you could have made it sound worse, and on top of it's just the same three "songs" over and over.

Now lets talk about the shop. It's vauge, really vauge. You give no description of anything, you just assume the player is going to know what each gun and upgrade do, leaving the player to guess the differance between health and armor, manual guns and automatic guns, and worst of all gun 1 and gun 1. Why do you have two guns with the same name?

All right now on to game play. Not only is the game play bland, but it's inconsistent. In level 3 you tell the player not to shoot stars, and in a later level the objective IS to shoot the stars. Plus the enemeis start off as being easily beaten with the normal gun, but in level 14 you add a new enemy(without any warning I might add) that cannot be killed with your starting weapon.

One more thing, did you even try to write a story? "war has begun," that's it? That is all the explination I get for why I'm shooting red sperm? what the hell?! I can, and have come up with better, and more logical stories in my sleep.

I know It may seem like I'm being overly harsh, but this game is just not worth anyone's time.

This has been a rant by the one and only Jeroknite

The buttons were nice...

That was about it, the rest of the games graphics and resolution sucked and the gameplay was horrible. Kindve like Missle Command but the fail version of it.



Not original

It seems like not alot of thought was put into the whole game itself. Just a remake of an iPhone game that is honestly much better. The beggining is just hell and too much upgrading