Reviews for "Bullet Chaos"

good but..

it coulda used some sorta survivor mode after completing it. because you dont really have a chance to become the ultimate you can.
although.... i had 2 fully upgraded rockets, and 2 which had only been upgraded once. aswell as main maxed obviously. but it was just... slaughter..

also.. last boss. i found it easier than the boss on wave 20 by miles. last boss i didnt need to do anything and i won. that boss.... i only rly had a chance to kill once he stopped firing.

besides that it was an awesome and very addictive game. i didnt stop, for anything untill id completed it

good made!

good made, but well not my style ....

Great game!

Very addicting.
I didn't get up to do anything while playing this game!
It had the perfect difficulty to it, awesome choice of weapons and amount of upgrades.
I found the best set up was maxed main gun, and the 2 best automatic weapons maxed.
A great addition to this game would be a survivor option or something, because you don't really get to experience all the weapons if you go through the game once. Throughout the entire game I had 6 weapons, all of which were maxed at some point in playing. But I would really love to be able to keep going and be able to upgrade them all without having to go through the game again.
Sure this game may not have a story, but who cares? I think the idea of this game is to waste time if you're bored and don't want to waste time learning about some lame war that has been raging for a millennium where you are the oh so generic hero.
And the upgrade menu too vague? Not really to me, I could care less. As long as I can tell which guns is better and which gun is manual or automatic...I'm good to go. I'm not going to be looking in the menu all day reading about each gun.


Well There is good in this game. There aren't any annoying sound effects, the concept is simple enough and the graphics are decent. However the bad out weighs the good by a long shot.
Music- Horribly annoying. Mute button galore!
Gameplay- Your guns, even upgraded, move and fire soooo slow.
Controls- I kind of wondered why you went, when equipping items, from 1 to 3, instead of 1,2 and then 3. Also your weapons switch out way to slow.


ITS THE BEST GAME IN THE history of bad games (9i mean0 if theres a contest to see who gat the worst game awards this gets not gold but white diamond golden huge jumbo size trhopy nice graphics by the way