Reviews for "Bullet Chaos"


difficulty curve is all over the place and u never ever get a decent chunk of money to buy a decent wepon... the first few levels you get between 250 and 350 per level... the next few levels... you get BETWEEN 250 - 350 PER FUcKING LEvel... i played it to the end and it just got easier and easier... nothing to challenge you atall you just buy the most powerfull gun, loads of cheep armour and point it at the biggest spaceship til it goes boom boom.

easy and still annoying

I would have given you a ten, but when you fail a level because your bullets pass thru the sides of the enemy, thats kinda frustrating. Besides that, the reaction time, even on a decent com, of the long linear bullets isnt nearly what one would hope. Imo, make the bullets at least two or three pixels wide instead of the single line that doesnt even penetrate the enemy, it simply explodes upon contact with anything.... a way to manuever your ship around would be nice too, instead of the mounted turret thing you got goin now.

All in all, turn it into a real shooter instead of a psuedo defense game, and youd have somehting worth playing, as is, its more annoying than fun, and to easy to even be worth playing once your annoyed...

not bad

A bit easy if you load up on the automatics with upgrades and the lvl 8 manual.

the best game i played ever!!!

i passsed the game like in 2 hours is realy cool and addicting is awersome and fun i give to this a 10/10 :D

Kind of boring

It's challenging in a really annoying kind of way. Unfortunately I didn't really enjoy this; it needs something more. It isn't a bad game, just not really very interesting. It would be nice if you could actually move your character, and if there was a storyline. Also, there's no way to keep track of your health during a level, or your progress in that level. The whole series of waves thing gets old quick.