Reviews for "Bullet Chaos"

not too good

too hard not enough money and takes foreever


You'd get a 10 from me but the games difficulty spikes randomly too much, I've played this a bunch of times since you released it, and I always get stuck on level 14, where these yellow and black things come in insane numbers, are stupid small, and have damn near boss-level health. If you want people to like this game, smooth out the difficulty curve and/or make guns/upgrades cheaper (or alot more cash for completing a level.)

A very frustrating game.

The bullets are far too thin to be very accurate. If you made them a couple of pixels wider, far more people would enjoy this game.


Textbook boring. Everything is slow and it's all just uggghhhh. Saying that a point-and-click shooter defense game is unoriginal is pretty much redundant at this point, but I'll say it anyway because it's important. Everything about this is unoriginal, bland, and worst of all, it's not even fun.


that's a great game, but what is that "buy unit" for??