Reviews for "Bullet Chaos"


fun little game but i dont get how to kill the little yellow and black ones

good but some flaws

I liked the game very much with great graphics and just a great game too but there are some problems (most personal)
1. I don't like the fact that if you lose the game you lose all the upgrades you got and you have to start all over (personal)
2. It's strange that you can't move your character around. it's just stationary.
3.I'd like to be able to customize my ship (like where the guns go, color, size, shape, add-ons, etc.) (personal)
4. it could go a little faster (personal)

But still: good job!

Sorry but...

Promising concept, but something is missing indeed... I realised that the only reason I finished this game, was because the "intro" video looks really fast paced and I was hoping to play something like that! Maybe some more "war-like" sound effects? Short and loud gun noises? Faster shooting? The gamer shouldnt pay hard earned money just to get a weapon that shoots fast... I don't know, I feel like this little game could become a masterpiece with a little more details fine tuned! Gonna check your other games though! Keep going!

liked it

but its forgetable

this is actually pretty good

but not as good as i thought it would be, the graphics are awesome and entertaining and so is the music. But this is way too easy and runs slow, like hzk7 said it misses something and this type of "defence" game is done very often. Not really fun at all, you just sit there, click and wait.