Reviews for "Bullet Chaos"

That was very nice...

The game was very good: the graphics were outstanding, the idea and upgrades were fun and the gameplay was kinda fun. But the gameplay was extreamly slow and getting boring after a while.
But still it was very fun and well made!

Well that was boring... But still something!

It's not very fast-paced, actually, it's slower than an mentally handicapped turtle without legs. And i got bored on the second level.

When i first started playing, due to the horrible slow-motion speed it was, I first tought it was my computers fault. Still, when i re-started the game and selected 'slow computer', The only thing that changed was... well, the quality.
(as we all expected)

I don't know if it's SUPPOSED to be like that, (Horribly sluggish) but anyway... it's not quite my type of game.

BUT!! The music was interesting, thoose minutes of playing. And the grafics was... Well... Simple yet effective, I find this game worthy of an so-so fair score.
I diddn't come longer than the second level, but i can see how the other 23 levels would be. Very complicated, and further more, I like thoose type of games... :)

I give this game an rating of 6, It should have been 9 if it wassen't for the speed.
(Sigh, I sure am repeatative ain't I?)

And yes, i know others have complained about this to, the speed-
(here i go again...)
But i just want to tell you my opinion.

So next time, turn up the speed alittle, and then a little more.


Quite fun, but short and shallow

A very fun and pretty game. It could use some improvements. For instance, lower priced weapons are only worth buying if higher priced weapons aren't available. Each step up is strictly better. What you should have instead is some sort of trade-off. Make guns that specialize in different things, like a rapid fire, but low power gun, a high power, low fire rate gun, and things like that.

The menus feel cluttered and when buying things, I had to think to see what the gun attributes were. Buying menus should be intuitive, with relevant information clearly displayed.

The gameplay is excellent, I've played the game about 4 times, and am not bored with it.

A hint to people having problems: Wait a level to buy any upgrade, then buy the 4th gun, then save up for the 8th, and upgrade it. After that, get the max auto turret. Although upgrading those fully costs nearly the cost of two more, it is worth it since the new shots travel much faster and explode into more pieces. The display made me think it just shot twice as fast.

this was fun

I thought this was pretty good. I didn't get the auto guns until the last few levels, but still had enough upgrades to beat the last boss. Didn't encounter any glitches. Thanks.


its a descent game
but its extremely slow paced, and it just misses the explosive atmosphere
most shooter games live of...
id suggest a fester gameplay, different music, and larger ennemies