Reviews for "Bullet Chaos"


Pretty fun and rather easy, but really eye-intense. Like it how you can upgrade everything and stuff.. but this could REALLY use a slaughter sandbox mode where you can pause to upgrade, that would be awesome! (lots of chaos to handle for slower computers tho.)

All in all, it's fun! but please make a sandbox mode.

level 14!

Its a great game, till level 14. then all hell breaks loose, and its
freakin impossible! i like it... to that point


WTF!? Game was awesome then i beat it (first try thank you!) and lost everything... Why cant you continue on? Awesome game + no replay ability = terrible loss of intrest. I put this into my favorites then beat it only to find out i cant keep upgrading... EPIC turd in the punch bowl. Seriously make a new one with some new cool sh!t in it and where you can replay levels with same... character... bubble... thing?

not the best

it was a boring game. I want something else like upgrading your missiles and stuff


very boring not even the first level